What We Always Did…

The Holidays are saturated with traditions.  Many of us fondly remember the annual holiday rituals we had as kids.  Their yearly reappearance could give us a feeling of stability and belonging, maybe even a sense of generational identity. Any disruption of “what we always did” could quickly lead to loud protests.  Those traditions enhanced our sense of security in a changing world; after all, that’s what traditions do, right? For better or for worse, they’re the stable bits of granite in an impermanent universe.  Yet over time and for better or for worse, our holiday customs do change. We’ll hear from Rick Mitchell, Betsy Black and Kay Read about what happened when their own cherished, “unchanging” holiday traditions shifted.


Our first Sunday drop-in covenant group will focus on our monthly theme of “Impermanence.”  All are invited to participate. Rev. Lyn Marshall will facilitate.

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