Speaker: Rick Mitchell

Turn Turn Turn

As 2019 turns into 2020, come and sing hymns identified by congregants that have brought joy and solace permanently (or at least for a long time) to many – and hear stories of how the fleeting experience of music has had a lasting impact on our ever changing realities.

What We Always Did…

The Holidays are saturated with traditions.  Many of us fondly remember the annual holiday rituals we had as kids.  Their yearly reappearance could give us a feeling of stability and belonging, maybe even a sense of generational identity. Any disruption of “what we always did” could quickly lead to loud protests.  Those traditions enhanced our … Continue reading What We Always Did…

The War Prayer

Mark Twain’s scathing indictment of war, and particularly of blind patriotic and religious fervor as motivations for war, was written in 1905 yet remained unpublished until 1923, 13 years after his death.  Twain’s explanation:  “I have told the whole truth in that, and only dead men can tell the truth in this world. It can … Continue reading The War Prayer