#metoo & the millions of hidden identities

African-American social activist Tarana Burke’s original “Me, Too” campaign, launched in 2007, aimed to provide support to survivors of sexual violence who were marginalized, poor, underrepresented and without a network or community to protect them. Many such women self-identify as American women of color, millions more exist globally. But despite the ground-swell of solidarity that millions of American women experienced thanks to the #metoo campaign, it is important to acknowledge the millions of invisible and silenced women that will never feel safe enough to share their story. Hidden but not forgotten, the identities of those who cannot safely speak the truth deserve allies and advocates. For them, and their sisters globally, UUs are called to stand on the side of love and say #hertoo.

This Sunday’s community plate will go to our Outreach program, UU Action NH. Their mission is to magnify the power of Unitarian Universalist individuals and congregations to effectively witness and advocate for Unitarian Universalist values in the public square. Some of UUANH’s collaborators are: American Friends Service Committee-NH Program, Granite State Organizing Project and Open Democracy.


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