Topic: Identity

Claiming Jesus

Some of us identify as Christian, some don’t.  Regardless, Jesus has something to offer to all of us.  The stories he told and the stories that are told about him are powerful because they speak to longings and hopes, to struggles and paradoxes we all … read more.

After Virtue

Has liberalism failed? How can we find common ground in questions of right and wrong in an increasingly diverse society? We will reflect on ethical growth, both cultural and individual.

Divided No More: Bringing Together Soul and Role

Sometimes we find our everyday lives separated from our innermost being. The passion and zeal or earlier times can grow stale and alien. The prospect of being “divided no more” is something we all can work toward, generating both energy and tranquility.

#metoo & the millions of hidden identities

African-American social activist Tarana Burke’s original “Me, Too” campaign, launched in 2007, aimed to provide support to survivors of sexual violence who were marginalized, poor, underrepresented and without a network or community to protect them. Many such women self-identify as American women of color, millions … read more.

Don’t Yuck my Yum

“Don’t Yuck My Yum” has become a favorite guideline within our youth group covenant. It reminds us to notice when someone is passionate and excited about something and to be careful and kind in the way we react to that passion even if we don’t … read more.

Our Founding Reality: Genocide

As Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz points out, to this day we idolize men who advocated and implemented genocide as great heroes, as embodying the essence of the American spirit. Who and what we worship speaks directly to who we are and what we can become as individuals … read more.

Who Are You? Who Says?

Most identities are social constructs perpetuated by our culture to help us navigate the complexities of our social interactions. The identities we claim are powerful factors shaping our lives. Societies function when we respect each other’s identities. Dysfunction emerges when some have power over others … read more.

In Search of the Golden Age

As the waves of culture and belief systems threaten to submerge each other they encounter the corresponding waves of fear about loss of identity and tradition. And they generate distress about the loss of progress made on the path toward justice. All cultural/faith corners of … read more.