Music Sunday:  When I Have A Brand New Song to Sing

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“Come, Sing a Song with Me” will be our “Song of Welcome” as we celebrate the power of music in softening and strengthening our hearts to the many new songs we are called to sing right now.  The choir will unveil renditions of their long-standing favorites “Order My Steps” and “Hallelujah” and present the yearning melody and Klezmer harmonies of a new piece “Ose Shalom” accompanied by clarinet, violin, and piano.  Through the timeless lyrics of our songs we will look for doorways that can propel us to show up for racial justice, show up for climate justice, show up for economic justice – even when the pandemic forces us onto new and unfamiliar paths.  May our music “bring us hope, when hope is hard to find.”  Oh, and you’ll hear about why Chris Soule always sits in the front row at church.

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