My Top 5 Ways to Save the World

Mixing humility and arrogance, I will tap into my prophetic voice and preach on how I propose to save the world, or rather how I envision WE ought to save the world.  Let’s reimagine the education of our children.  Let’s rethink how and what we eat.  Let’s…  have you come and tune in to learn about the rest.  And what are YOUR top ideas that will save our world?  Join Michael in “The Idea Gym” after the service to give your thoughts a workout through lively discourse and respectful disagreement.

2 Responses to “My Top 5 Ways to Save the World

  1. Before our morning meditation, little Reina told me “I have a song in my heart to save Gaia and stop the bad guys. It’s a song of hope. It means the oceans will never have trash, the sky will rain, the wind will blow, the sun will shine, and to stop hurting Gaia.” She’s extremely excited to go to service this week instead of the rainbow room. Protecting the earth, or Gaia as she says, is one of her favorite topics.

  2. Declutter, reduce, reuse, stop buying stuff, step out of my comfort zone more and meet new people in their environment instead of wishing and hoping they would just magically appear into my world.

    I am going room by room and really looking at all the clutter I have and what do I need to do to simplify my life. I do not need all the clothes I have and I hardly wear some of them. I am donating to good causes the items that can be used by others. I want to eat down all the food we have in our pantry and freezer. We have enough food to last months. It is ridiculous. If I could shop only for fresh food and get rid of my 2nd freezer I will feel I have accomplished my final goal. I have a ways to get there but starting room by room is my goal for this year.

    This past year I have made some wonderful new friends who immigrated here in NH thanks to Agnes. It has been the most fun I’ve had going to events and sharing meals and dancing. They are from all over the world and they all support each other as sisters. I look forward to each gathering and I have grown so much.

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