Our Christian Womb

Institutionally, Unitarian Universalism emerged directly out of the trinitarian, staunchly Calvinist churches founded by the Pilgrims and Puritans.  By the early 1800s, the more orthodox churches refused to exchange pulpits with the more liberal ministers, accusing them of the heresy of unitarianism.  In 1819, William Ellery Channing responded to the accusation by publicly embracing the Unitarian label.  His sermon “Unitarian Christianity” was one of the most influential sermons ever preached in the United States.  It is also a reminder that Unitarianism began as a biblical faith.  What made it so remarkable?  How do his words still speak to us today?

Our first Sunday drop-in covenant group will focus on our monthly theme of “Christianity.”  All are invited to participate.  Rev. Lyn Marshall will facilitate.

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