The Ship of Theseus

Rev. Lyn Marshall will explore the ancient Ship of Theseus puzzle: if a ship is repaired, planks replaced board by board over time, until none of the original wood remains, is it still the same ship? How might this thought experiment help us think about issues facing us today?

One Response to “The Ship of Theseus

  1. well this is exactly like our bodies that regenerate and replace all the material (atoms) perpetually- 98% of our atoms are replaced each year. so it is not the crude material that makes us us it is our soul, our energy. So it is the same with the ship or the whole of humanity and our social/cultural values that we are so absolute about today but were very different 50, 100, 1000 years ago, and will be different in 100 years from now
    What a great quest/thought experiment BTW!

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