UUism as a Spiritual Anchor

Unitarian Universalism welcomes the exploration of other faith traditions.  Many of us are attracted to the depth of other traditions grounded in millennia of accumulated wisdom.  How can we transform Unitarian Universalism from being a container of these explorations towards offering its own spiritual depth?  How can UUism provide the kind of spiritual anchor we can hold onto throughout the life stages from birth to death?  We don’t all have to be on the same path, yet we ought not to mistake choice for an invitation to remain on the surface. Today’s sermon was inspired by Craig Whitson.  The service will also recognize our long-term members and new members, and will be followed by our annual meeting.

Books referenced during the sermon:

Doorways to the Soul: 52 Wisdom Stories from Around the World

Faithful Practices: Everyday Ways to Feed Your Spirit




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