Will They Let Me?

My professional background has revolved around broadening circles of opportunity for aspiring blind and vision impaired people through the administration of Vocational Rehabilitation programs and via advocating for the basic Civil Rights of this same community as a writer, champion of groundbreaking legislative campaigns, and promotion of public education about the ability of this population. As I contemplate transitioning from my first career, I stand at the threshold of a new career as a Unitarian-Universalist (UU) minister. The gnawing question then—in the face of rhetoric about commitment to being an inclusive and welcoming faith–is will I be welcome to stand among the increasingly diverse tapestry of ministers graduating from seminary and be encouraged to contribute to the support of our UU mission? This same question may be applied more universally to others, generally marginalized, who wonder if they will be truly welcomed at the table of social participation or whether they will have to assert themselves and cede power in order to realize full and meaningful inclusion. Join us to examine this question. 

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