Speaker: Dan Frye

Dan is a member of the Concord UU Congregation, and is currently serving as an Intern Minister, while pursuing a degree and career in ministry.

The Diversity of Integrity

To be sure we’ve considered the practice of “finding our center” through the many meditative practices that exist for helping us find peace, a sense of calm, and other common and related pursuits during our Worship Services this month. As January draws to a close, I propose to consider “finding our center” through a series … Continue reading The Diversity of Integrity

Courage in a World Full of Obstacles

The courage of navigating the world, filled with inherent challenges which present as exclusionary barriers to many, requires courage, creativity, and commitment to achieve mastery of hardships, and transcend policies, practices, and structures that limit unfettered access to the universe, is incredibly hard for those who experience or encounter these cultural and structural difficulties. This … Continue reading Courage in a World Full of Obstacles

Exploring the Meaning of Love

Exploring the meaning of Love, and examining definitions of “beloved community”, this service promises to plumb the true and transformational meaning of the animating spirit of love, as understood by a progressive, liberal faith tradition. What does love mean to you? How does love manifest itself in your religious and secular lives? Join us as … Continue reading Exploring the Meaning of Love

Awaken Your Spirit

Live Stream Join Intern Minister Dan Frye as he explores the multiple means of awakening to the many spirits and spiritual practices regularly observed by Unitarian-Universalists (UUs). This survey review of the many ways that UUs interact with the spiritual world will affirm the comfortable and familiar practices that UUs have often used to realize … Continue reading Awaken Your Spirit

Will They Let Me?

My professional background has revolved around broadening circles of opportunity for aspiring blind and vision impaired people through the administration of Vocational Rehabilitation programs and via advocating for the basic Civil Rights of this same community as a writer, champion of groundbreaking legislative campaigns, and promotion of public education about the ability of this population. … Continue reading Will They Let Me?

Of Civics and Civility

Online Only As we reflect on another year of our country’s existence, what can we truly do to honor and celebrate the best of America’s principles? I suggest that this cannot simply be another year, where we mark the passing of time, with fireworks and frivolity; instead, I will offer some of my perspective on … Continue reading Of Civics and Civility

Touchy Subjects

Human touch and being at ease with our bodies are fundamental to what most of us desire to feel connected and whole.  Yet the horrific abuses associated with unwanted touch have torn the healing, welcoming, playful, love-expressing qualities and powers of touch from our cultural toolkit of connection.  And the unrealistic, commercialized, stereotyped images of … Continue reading Touchy Subjects