Speaker: Jeff Beland

The Path of Finding My Identity

Imagine growing up in a culture where you do not see romantic relationships like you long for shown in the media. Imagine fearing judgment from others if you were to dare to utter your truth. The path to claiming my identity as gay was a … read more.

Voices of the Ancestors

Each of us belongs to a genetic line whether we know it or not. And in this service Intern Minister Jeff will share how his ancestors inform who he is in the present day and who he is becoming in his path of ministry. An … read more.

The Courageous Voice

The ability to find courage through the multitude of life’s challenges is no small task. But what do we do when we cannot find it within ourselves? Some of us have gone to seek counsel from a trusted source of wisdom. Come hear how that … read more.

Awakening to Mother Earth

Live Stream and in person.

Join intern minister Jeff Beland as he explores the call of Mother Earth and his eclectic spiritual practices to commune with nature and with the archetype of the Mother Goddess. Do you hear the call to work against global warming … read more.

Refilling Our Well

With all of the challenges of the world being faced, what can we do to return to a life of service to one another? Join intern minister Jeff Beland as he discusses his spiritual practice of prayer and the call to make life better for … read more.