Speaker: Lorraine Ellis

Lorraine has been an active member of the Concord UU since 1998. She waivers between pantheism and atheism, but believes strongly in the 7th UU principle: Respect for the interdependent web of life, of which we are a part. Deeper than just environmentalism, this principle speaks to the idea that everything and everyone is connected. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson says, “We are all connected, to each other, biologically; to the earth, chemically; to the rest of the universe atomically.” Lorraine adds: And to each other, spiritually.”

The Doorway Effect

You walk into another room and forget why. It happens all the time.  There’s a name for it, and it’s actually a sign of a healthy brain. This service explores how we can use this phenomenon to settle more deeply into what’s important in our lives, and to connect with that which is greater than … Continue reading The Doorway Effect