Speaker: Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Rev. Peter Friedrichs is a UU pastor who retired in 2022 after serving for 16 years as Lead Minister for the UU Church of Delaware County in Media, PA. He is a member of the Board of the NH Alliance for End of Life Options who lives in Keene with his wife of 42 years. Rev. Peter is also the author of And the Stars Kept Watch, a novel published by Atmosphere Press in 2021 that explores the impact of grief and loss on our most intimate relationships. He is an ardent advocate for the rights of all people diagnosed with a terminal condition to make their own decisions about when to end their lives.

When Our Time Comes

What constitutes a “good death” and is there even such a thing? When you hear the phrase “death with dignity,” what comes to mind? This Sunday guest pastor Rev. Peter Friedrichs will invite us to consider how our Unitarian Universalist values can inform our thoughts and feelings around our own death and that of those we love. … Continue reading When Our Time Comes