Author: Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger

Church in a Time of Pandemic

Our mission has never felt as relevant as today: Connecting in love and service, growing spiritually, transforming ourselves and the world. In record time, we’ve had to transform ourselves from a brick & mortar, relish-in-person-proximity, love-to-share-food-and-hold-hands kind of congregation into an online, phone-line, keep your physical distance kind of community. None of us know the … Continue reading Church in a Time of Pandemic

Telling Our Stories

It’s 10:21 pm. The parents have said their good-byes. Five more hours and we are headed to the airport. The youth are excited, roaming the church – and nowhere near ready for sleep. Time to finish these musings, musings about the importance of stories and the impact of church when it helps to create stories … Continue reading Telling Our Stories

Staying in Touch

“We stopped coming and no one ever said a word.”  “The only call I ever got from the church was about my pledge.”  “I went through a rough time but the church didn’t seem to notice.”    In other words: You didn’t care about me as a person. Hearing the disappointment and hurt expressed in … Continue reading Staying in Touch