2020 Member Survey – early results

“Excel” used to be my second language.  Spreadsheets are what I used all day long to create models translating environmental, health, and economic data into information that could be used by decision makers in DC.  Which might explain why I am so tickled to see the responses of our Ends Survey come in and why I will share a few preliminary results even before the deadline has passed.  Total responses so far: 115.  Keep them coming.  More data points make me happy. 🙂

Did you know that there are more introverts among us than extroverts?  (47% versus 21% with 32% about equal)  This matters in how we think about our offerings.  It was one of the reasons we came up with 2nd Hour as an alternative to Social Hour – twice a month.

More than half of you indicated that feeling connected to a faith community has become more important during the pandemic and for 45% it’s about the same.  Not a total surprise, yet it helps justify the additional effort and creativity we have collectively put into keeping our faith community vibrant and relevant.  81% have participated in worship.  Our community plate has received donations from 46% of respondents, 2nd Hour Zoom Rooms have had 42% of you participate, Caring Circles 52%, Covenant Groups 33% and 26% are part of our Concord UU Connects Facebook group.

From the beginning we emphasized the slogan:  Physically distant, yet socially connected.  How is that working out?  Based on your feedback, a surprising 17.4 percent indicated that your sense of connection with the congregation has actually grown as a result of church activities going online.  For most it has remained the same (58.3%) and, unfortunately, for 23.5%, the sense of connection has declined.

We don’t know when we will once again be able to worship, celebrate, grieve, eat, and sing all together in person.  We hope for the best yet recognize that large group gatherings may not be sensible for another year.  And we will explore hybrid models as soon as that is feasible knowing how eager most of us are to meet in person while acknowledging the need to offer safe options for all to participate.

With love and affection, and feeling tremendously grateful for the 10 years of ministry we now have shared together!  


2 Responses to “2020 Member Survey – early results

  1. Thank You, Michael. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! You have grown, and we have grown, together. This is a trying time, but I think the congregation is really realizing just how much we care about, love and need each other. One of the hopeful things that have come out of this time.

  2. Before we stopped meeting in person I might have said that our church was one of several institutions important in my life; now it is clear how primary and essential it is to my spiritual welfare. My beloved Taize, the teachings and practices of the Dharma, and, most important, so many people with whom to share fundamental values are all deeply missed. Love to all, Rick

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