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The Gift of Welcome

Have you ever received a gift of welcome that made you feel beloved, like the person or people welcoming you are truly delighted to have you with them? I hope so. I hope each and every one of you can think of a time when … read more.

Tuesday’s Welcome Table

How connected do you feel to other people at church? If you wish you felt a bit more connected, there are many ways to get there – and I want to give a shout-out for the Tuesday’s Welcome Table weekly dinners as one delicious, delightful … read more.

What is Maundy Thursday?

When I was growing up, Maundy Thursday was one of many unfamiliar observances on my mother’s Phillips Brooks calendar.

I’m not sure exactly when I learned roughly what it was – a service remembering the final meal Jesus ate with his disciples before he died. I … read more.

Hobos in the Church

When she died in November of 2010, Harriette Anderson had been a member of our church for 82 years! She officially joined in 1928 at age 17 and was a fountain of stories and church history. She loved to recall how the whole city of … read more.

Opening to Joy

Our theme for exploration this month is “Opening to Joy.” December is the month where we are most likely to feel pressure to be cheerful, to smile for the camera, go to parties, decorate, give gifts… but we can go through those motions without experiencing … read more.