Come, Come, Wherever You’ve Been

This play on the Rumi lyrics to hymn #188 (Come, Come Whoever You Are) is not only the theme for our auction (Sunday, June 11 @ noon), but also the core of my invitation, my appeal, my plea to you all.

I love that we have enabled all our spaces for remote access.  That was, and will remain, critical for those not able to come to church in person.  And it is also true that something magical happened when our sanctuary filled to capacity during the Ukraine fundraising concert, and Fellowship Hall could barely hold all those sharing a meal beforehand.

There was a vibrancy and joyous energy we all have missed for far too long.  It reminded me that being present in our beautiful spaces is not merely a gift to ourselves.  It is also a gift to the many others who miss being with us, who long to be surrounded by a sizable mix of new and familiar faces, who yearn for the sound of large group singing, and who hunger to be held by the care and affection so palpable when we show up in all our depth and diversity.

In our 2022 Ends Survey, 49 percent of you indicated that with the spread of the pandemic feeling connected to a faith community has become even more important than before.  Only six percent said it has become less important, and for 45 percent it has remained the same.

I take this to mean there is a thirst for connection and reconnection, a thirst that can only be stilled when we decide to show up, for ourselves and for each other.  

I know it can take some serious activation energy to get back into the church routine on Sundays.  So here is my nudge.  Here is my plea.  Here is my melodramatic falling to my knees, in case that helps you decide to come next Sunday.  🙂  I promise I won’t embarrass you like that, but I can honestly say that I miss seeing each one of you who hasn’t been to a Sunday service in a while.  And I know, I am not the only one.  So, please come, come wherever you’ve been.  It’s so much better with you around.

With love, hope and anticipation,