The Church School Year is Underway

The church school year is under way, in our second year of re-imagined faith development. Sunday School in the hour before church is becoming the new “normal” for us, and it is a delight to see families arriving – some children bouncing down the hall greeting everyone they meet with big smiles and fresh energy, and some (our brave teens, mostly) still looking a bit sleepy. Teachers arrive, carrying travel mugs and lesson plans, and sometimes a toddler they’ll be dropping off in the nursery with Christina Oliva, our fabulous new nursery care provider. Other folks are toting ukuleles or choir folders. Some are checking the whiteboard schedule to see where they go for an adult program.

Sunday school programs depend on the volunteers who run them. In a process of discernment that led to our five-year plan to strengthen our faith development programs for people of all ages, the congregation expressed a hunger for adult classes grounded in Unitarian Universalism – history, theology, spiritual practices. We began this year with a session on our own church history offered by Loren Hill, and don’t tell him just yet, but I’m hoping there will be additional opportunities for us all to learn from him.

For classes like this to happen, they need leadership. Loren said yes… and we are looking for others to follow his example. You don’t need to be an expert in anything; there are curricula developed by the UUA that give you everything you need to know to lead a class. Added bonus: no one learns more than the teachers! If you are willing to lead one session or a short series, please contact Rev. Lyn Marshall to discuss the possibilities.