Are you grieving the loss of a loved one, enduring an illness or injury, facing financial stress or isolation?  Are you dealing with a disability, relationship struggles, the demands of care-giving or anything else that is making life challenging?  You are not alone.  Our pastoral care team is here to offer support.

In pastoral care, the focus is on you – your feelings, your questions, your whole you.  Pastoral care offers you a confidential space to name and contemplate the challenges in your life.  In pastoral care we assume that the answers most helpful to you will likely come from the wisdom already within you.  Pastoral care is about listening, listening with a caring heart, suspending judgment as best as possible, and being fully present.

Our pastoral care team consists of our two ministers and our eight Pastoral Care Associates.

To set up a pastoral care appointment with one of our ministers, please email or call Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger or Rev. Lyn Marshall directly or leave a message for them with the office.  For pastoral emergencies, it is best to call or text Michael’s cell phone or to stop by his office in person.


Pastoral Care Associates

Our team of Pastoral Care Associates are selected and trained by our ministers.  They are commissioned by the congregation for a period of three years and meet monthly with the ministers for mutual support, ongoing training, and to review pastoral needs.

To connect with a Pastoral Care Associate, please contact Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger or approach them directly.  You can recognize our Pastoral Care Associates by the green ribbon they wear attached to their name tags.  Our current team of Pastoral Care Associates include:  Judi Abbe, Joyce Bennett, Joanne Davis, Tom Fredenburg, Phillip Hunt, Maggie Hyndman, Wendy Olson, and Kits Tunney.