Give Us Hope

On this Easter Sunday, we will celebrate the importance of hope and the reasons for hope even when so much around us looks bleak and discouraging.  Come hear stories of hope from our youth who went to DC for the March for Our Lives.  Come hear the choir sing the timeless music of Vivaldi’s Gloria.  Come, because our children need us to affirm their hope, hope for the future, hope to be loved, hope to be heard.


This Sunday’s Community Plate will be donated to Worthy Now, the prison ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship. It serves as a liberal religious network inviting people on both sides of the prison wall into beloved community. The ministry focuses on the principle that all persons are worthy of love, respect, and support. Worthy Now coordinates pen pals, Circles of Support, an Ambassador program for visiting and advocacy, and on-line classes and events. Currently, the ministry serves 850 incarcerated UUs as well as other incarcerated individuals, especially those with non-traditional spiritual beliefs that seek community in encouragement of their spiritual growth.

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