Showing Up Fully

For most of us, to live fully and well is our deepest longing. Yet so often in our lives, we’re embroiled in thought, entranced by some distant drama, lost in a past we can’t change or a future that rarely comes to pass. And yet… there is in life the possibility of cultivating awakened presence. No matter how busy our minds are, no matter how anxious or fearful we feel, we can learn to show up for our lives, just as they are, moment by moment. And as we learn to be more present for our own lives, we can bring greater sensitivity and kindness to our relationships, our communities and our world.

This Sunday service concludes our Weekend Mindfulness Meditation Retreat.  Please enter the sanctuary in silence as we open ourselves to showing up fully.


2 Responses to “Showing Up Fully

  1. Will this Weekend Mindfulness Meditation Retreat be offered again in 2019? I would defattend, although I am scheduled to leave the country on 3/19/19…

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