Speaker: Charles Hillen

Charles joined the church in 2014 when he moved to New Hampshire and has served as a volunteer at the church in various capacities over the years. He is an avid musician and gardener, and in addition to affirming our UU principles, he self-identifies as an eclectic neopagan who studies Hermetic Qabalah. Charles is a lifelong spiritual explorer and is interested in what synergies can be inspired between UUism and mystical spiritual practices and teachings from around the world. He lives in Contoocook with his husband and life partner of 26 years, Phillip Hunt, who is also a member of the church

Other Hopes

In this service, I will explore three (what I am calling) contemplations on hope. Perhaps, like me, you have experienced challenges with understanding hope and feeling its presence in your life from day to day. While I would like to say the contemplations I will … read more.