Speaker: Rev. Bevan Tulk

O Beloved, Come, I Hear You

Our Living Tradition draws from many sources beginning with direct experiences of that transcending mystery and wonder which moves us to renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life. Our spiritual journey causes us to reach out, let … read more.


We all want to be happy. Wherever they turn, people of all ages are getting messages
on how they should live. But if we do all that society tells us will we find happiness?
Have you discovered what makes you happy? Through the ages, a disciplined spiritual
path … read more.

Faith in Action: UUFOR

When you think of faith, do you think of action in the world? Come hear Bevan Tulk and other members of the UU Friends of Refugees (UUFOR) ministry at the Concord UU discuss the transformative experience of supporting New Americans. We will honor the many … read more.