Speaker: Rev. Suzanne Rude

Reverend Suzanne Rude is an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister. As a member of this church, she has served on the UU Board of Trustees and as President of the Greater Concord Interfaith Council. She is a 2017 graduate of the Concord Chamber of Commerce’s “Leadership Greater Concord” program.

Spiritually, Suzanne is interested in promoting interfaith understanding and in supporting the use of spiritual practices to enhance well-being and resilience.

The Majesty and the Mystery

How are special things celebrated in the secular and sacred realm? How does the scientific interact with the spiritual?  The game of chess and Richard Feynman; enlightenment and entanglement; insight and revelation will be explored as we look at the fourth UU principle: the free … read more.

Out of Kindness

The Sufi mystic Rumi wrote: “Out of kindness comes this world and certain arrangements of stars. With just the right conjunction, you appear. One drop of your kindness makes the ocean sweet.” This service will explore what we can learn about promoting kindness in our … read more.