The Imam of Concord Joined us for Sunday Service

We were so pleased that Imam Mustafa of the Islamic Society of Greater Concord could join us for our morning worship service on February 11th.

The service led by church member Suzanne Rude was entitled “Strong at the Broken Places: The Art of Mending” and dealt with our February theme of resilience. Reverend Michael Leuchtenberger and Reverend Lyn Marshall also took part in the service. The Imam’s remarks were entitled “Building Bridges: Updates and Visions -The Mosque of Concord.” Congregants also had the opportunity to meet him in the parlor following the service.

Imam Mustafa began his remarks to our congregation with a greeting in Arabic, As-salāmu ‘alaykum, meaning “peace be upon you.” He went on to describe the Society’s recent purchase of two buildings and the associated land at 181 North Main St. in Concord for a permanent masjid (mosque) at the site. The Imam spoke enthusiastically about the new space that members, families, and children will now have available to worship and to receive religious education. He said that renovations are still needed inside the main building, as well as for building a parking lot and adding lights on the current location of the second building.

We are pleased that the Community Plate at the service collected $1,000 to assist the Society in these efforts. We hope that this contribution will strengthen interfaith cooperation and understanding, and serve as a way of further welcoming the Imam and this established faith congregation into our greater Concord community.