Topic: Diversity

Of Civics and Civility

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As we reflect on another year of our country’s existence, what can we truly do to honor and celebrate the best of America’s principles? I suggest that this cannot simply be another year, where we mark the passing of time, with fireworks and … read more.

White Fragility

Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism” is the subtitle of Robin DiAngelo’s groundbreaking book titled “White Fragility.”  As Michael Eric Dyson writes in the foreword: “DiAngelo brilliantly names a whiteness that doesn’t want to be named, disrobes a whiteness that … read more.

The Walls We Build

As progressives, UUs tend to celebrate the idea of diversity and the importance of being welcoming to all – whether in our churches or society at large.  Religious liberals are turned off by the rhetoric of “building walls” yet ignore the … read more.

Embracing Fluidity

Humans, as all life forms, depend on diversity for their evolution, their resilience, their survival.  We also excel at identifying patterns of difference among us despite the overwhelming similarities that unite us.  And somehow our pattern recognition favors framing those differences in binary terms despite … read more.

After Virtue

Has liberalism failed? How can we find common ground in questions of right and wrong in an increasingly diverse society? We will reflect on ethical growth, both cultural and individual.

Discomfort with Islam

As religious liberals, UUs want to be explicitly welcoming to other faith traditions, and especially Islam, during this time of cultural Islamophobia.  Yet UUs are also a part of the general culture and need to honestly name and address their own discomfort where it exists.  … read more.

In Search of the Golden Age

As the waves of culture and belief systems threaten to submerge each other they encounter the corresponding waves of fear about loss of identity and tradition. And they generate distress about the loss of progress made on the path toward justice. All cultural/faith corners of … read more.