What Does It Mean to Be a People of Healing?

Our theme for worship and faith development this month asks us to explore this question – and I encourage you to think about how you will explore it intellectually, how you will explore it emotionally, how you could incorporate the question into your personal spiritual practices, and how you might act as an agent of healing – for yourself, for other people, and for the interconnected web of all existence.

As the pandemic grinds on, we wonder when life will ever feel normal again. This month begins with our clocks “falling back,” and the daylight hours will continue to shrink until the winter solstice. For those among us who suffer from this loss of light, November can be a particularly challenging month. How will we heal ourselves and each other from the isolation of pandemic life and the darkness of the season?

November will also start with an election that feels more fraught than any I can remember, with a specter of violence that I think many of us are afraid to acknowledge for fear of somehow helping it come to pass. What would it look like for our nation to heal from the wounds of the past and present enmities?

While we’ve gotten some rain recently, the drought this summer has helped me experience the extreme weather across the country as something personal. The climate crisis is bearing down on us whether we are ready to address it or not. How will we act as healers for the environment that we need to sustain us?

What healing do you most need right now? What healing do you feel called to offer? I look forward to exploring our answers and our questions together.

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