Coming to Church in PJs




Just to be upfront.  In these musings I am asking for your support.

Imagine the pandemic 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago.  With the church building closed and little technology around to keep us connected, I suspect our sense of community and the role of church in our lives would have suffered in ways I hope we will never experience. 

Thanks to technology we continue to gather – for worship, to make music, in covenant groups, for social hour, to meditate, to organize, and to govern.  We keep sharing our joys and sorrows, care for one another, donate to the larger community, and we welcome new and returning visitors (hurray for the 14 participants in our current Exploring Membership Group). 

I know it’s not the same and I definitely mourn the loss of that feeling that is there when we are together in person.  But I hope you share my sense of gratitude for what technology has made possible – for us now, and also for the future – to hold our community together regardless of a person’s ability to be in our building, and to create beauty and inspiration with a global reach.  I love the archive of visual and auditory memories we are creating.  Weddings and memorial services will never be the same.

As in years past, our budget assumed three targeted appeals (of $1,500 each).  Given COVID, we decided on one combined appeal instead.  I hope you approve. 🙂  We still need to raise $4,500 and we aspire to do so by February 21st.  The money will help pay for the technology purchases we have made and the associated operating expenses.  We have upgraded our live stream subscription to accommodate higher data throughput, hired a live stream operator, purchased additional video cameras, microphones, screens, cables, uninterruptible power supplies, portable voice amplifiers, A/V editing software and more.

I wish I could say we had a secret donor who promised to match each of your donated dollars until we reached our goal.  But alas, success of this appeal will solely depend on your straight up generosity.  Here are a few reasons you might consider for giving: 

a) I am tickled being able to come to church in my PJs; 

b) I have contributed to the community plate, but never yet given to the operating budget; 

c)  I love hearing the choir sing my favorite songs; 

d)  knowing my community is still vibrant, even if I am not participating all the time, means a lot to me; 

e)  seeing Noah sing along to “From You I Receive” makes it all worthwhile.

Whatever your reason(s) for giving may be, thank you!  Whatever amount you can give, thank you!  Whether you give online at or mail a check to the church with “A/V Targeted Appeal” on the memo line, thank you!  

Our church building may be closed, but our church is alive and well.  Thanks for helping to make that happen.  Thanks for being the live-giving and live-receiving energy of this congregation we love.

With deep affection and a hopeful smile,