Faith Formation is in Full Swing

It has been a wonderful month to be your Minister of Lifespan Faith Development. I have received hugs from toddlers who feel safe and loved here at church, overheard a 10-year-old telling his Sunday School teachers that they were “doing a great job” and seemed very experienced because they both knew a lot, laughed with our teenagers as they talked with two Muslim peers from Concord High School who came to talk about their faith with the Building Bridges class, popped in on several adult sessions to see so many of you engaged in learning, serving, and practicing together, had lunch with people of all ages who were not necessarily related to one another… truly, it has felt like a month of bountiful harvest as the 5-year plan for Lifespan Faith Development bears delicious

As Michael and I reflected on how this experiment is going so far, he asked me if I thought it was sustainable. Can we do this again in November, and December, and keep going in the new year? My answer is a definite yes, I believe it is. I believe it is, because of how you all have pitched in to help. Because people have come to him and to me, volunteering to lead sessions. Because I enter the attendance data and see how many of you are welcoming these opportunities to go deeper and wider in your relationships with one another as you learn and grow together. Because the conversations I hear over the community lunch tables are friendly, yes, and also rich and varied, so that we leave with our bodies, minds, and spirits nourished.

A few of you have spoken to me or written me notes about your experiences with Second Hour, and I invite more of  you to share with me and Michael: how is it for YOU? What have you loved? What might you change? We are learning together how to do this, and I fully expect us to learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. It is a joy to be learning with all of you!

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