Can our community plate raise $40,000 on November 8th? 

I think we can and here is why:

Three years ago, on December 10, 2017, our Sunday plate raised an astonishing $19,014 in donations and pledges for the first Safe Spaces campaign of the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH).  I am still blown away each time I remember the moment.  What happened?  My January 2018 Musings highlight a range of reasons for this outburst of collective generosity including the incentive provided by a $5,000 match offered by one of you.  

Flash forward:  CCEH is now in the middle of its second Safe Spaces campaign with a goal to raise a million dollars in private donations to support the programs that will end long-term homelessness in Concord – twice the goal of three years ago.  Here is why I believe we can double our previous total:  The first $10,000 raised on November 8th (or as part of this community plate special) will not only be doubled, but quadrupled!  

A non-UU has pledged to double any gifts up to $100,000, and several generous UUs have stepped up to offer a $10,000 match within the match.  In other words, if you pledge or donate $1,000, our internal church match will double that to $2,000 and the external match will turn it into a $4,000 gift to CCEH.

CCEH created a special UU Safe Spaces II Pledge Form just for us.  Pledges are good for three years and payments can be made any time before June 30, 2023.  Of course, you can also use our usual online community plate option on November 8th or mail in a check.

The Youth Group also decided to participate in “shifting homelessness.”  The youth will donate whatever money they earn during one of their “work” shifts – whether that’s at Chipotles, EVO’s climbing gym, or doing chores for a neighbor or family friend.  I told my son Noah I would double his contribution, but when word spread among the youth they decided they would all donate to Noah so I would have to double their contribution as well.  I accepted the challenge. 🙂 

So now there is a match within a match within a match.  This means $50 from a youth will magically turn into $400 for CCEH to provide essential services to those experiencing homelessness in our community, and for their work toward the goal of ensuring everyone has a stable, safe, affordable and decent place to call home.

I hope you will join us on November 8th to help create another one of those moments, to help write another UU story we will be excited to share for years to come.

With great gratitude and appreciation for being a part of such an amazing congregation.

Michael (Senior Minister & Immediate Past Chair, CCEH Board of Directors)