for ourselves, each other and our collective futures

Jacob Blake. Jacob Blake. Jacob Blake.

We speak your name aloud in this liminal time, holding you in prayer and love.

We surround you–a great cloud of witnesses, living and dead–holding you tenderly and sending you energy and strength as your sacred body struggles to live and to heal.

We pray for your sweet babies, who will never unsee what they saw on Sunday.

We keep vigil with all who know and love you, buoying them with hope and courage.

Jacob Blake: Your life matters. Your body matters. Your spirit matters.

We are with you. 


In faith and solidarity,

Rev. Ashley Horan
UUA Organizing Strategy Director of UU the VOTE

UU the Vote is a non-partisan faith initiative, in partnership with broader justice movements, to engage our neighbors, educate our communities, mobilize voters, and rally around key ballot initiatives. Join with your UU community to create a future defined by love, justice, and faith. #Votelove

2 Responses to “for ourselves, each other and our collective futures

  1. Jacob Blake-we send you so much love from our hearts and healing thoughts. Rachael-An old friend has graced our living room today.You spoke to us from your heart to ours, and we are still taking in your wisdom and the realness of your struggles. Your song was so caring and meaningful! Your musical presence shines.

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