The Budget of our Dreams

I am thrilled to announce that our budget for next year will be: $10,000,028,350,010. At least, that’s what it would be if money were no object and you could give as much as feels right – according to the Dream Pledges you submitted a few Sundays ago. Thank you. Very inspiring!

Inspiring, because it shows that you have a vision that goes beyond our current reality. A vision that holds different priorities for different people. A vision that, collectively, speaks to the deep relevance our church community has in our lives and the potential for going deeper. A vision for reaching the many other lives who are seeking a refuge and connection during this time of restlessness and longing.

What if we could follow-up with every visitor to listen to their story? What if we could connect every visitor to a small group exploring the questions that brought them through the door? What if we could listen to all of you and help connect you with other congregants interested in similar issues? What if we could strengthen the support of ongoing activities like our covenant groups, support groups, and adult faith development classes?

What if we were able to follow up with those of you who have stopped coming for one reason or another? To listen to your story and your experiences and to learn and change. What if our administrative staff had more time to work with you to support your projects – without getting close to burn-out?

I hope you agree that we have a strong and dedicated staff team in place. A staff team that is ready to listen to you and wants to follow up on the ideas that are generated in those conversations. Luckily, we don’t need a dream budget to make real our vision. What it takes is your continued generosity to treat yourself to what is possible and to what you think is possible.

A huge thank you to all who have already made a commitment to step up their support. The vast majority of those who have updated their pledges were able to increase their giving. Yay! Big smile! Our status quo budget now looks to be fully funded. All additional funds can now go toward getting closer to that vision, first by adding hours to Lyn’s portfolio so she can support our adult congregants and then to begin looking for office support and help with membership follow-up.

Thanks for dreaming with me, one step at a time.