We Built a Digital Campus. Now What?

It’s that time of year when I shamelessly and bluntly ask for your support and generosity. Technology allowed us to do a
lot of cool (and mission critical) things this year. Thanks for all the kind and encouraging feedback. It has made all the extra effort worthwhile.

We now have a digital campus with the tools and skills in place to worship, to make music, to meditate, to organize, learn, and connect regardless of our physical location, health status, or comfort level with in-person

Now we just need to pay for it. Will you help us do so? Will you help us reach our budgeted goal of $4,500 for this Targeted Appeal? And perhaps even exceed it, because our expenses exceeded what we anticipated last spring? Exceed it because we now realize that a digital campus requires more than the tools we can purchase and install. Exceed it because a digital campus requires expertise and time to manage, secure, and solidify.

In short, your generosity will support both the hardware as well as the staff time we now designate to keep our various multiplatform spaces equipped and running. Your generosity will ensure that our offerings will continue to reach those homebound, those traveling, and those who have moved away or simply live in distant lands.

If you have benefited from what we have built or like the idea of others benefiting from our digital campus, please send a check with “Targeted Appeal” in the memo line, or donate online at concorduu.org/targeted-appeal/